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We built a 360° ethical & integrity business consultancy & full service agency inside a very unique Dojo experience around entrepreneurs, conscious businesses and CEO's out there with grand ideas of how they can make a difference to the world with what they do.

A Dojo is a special place full of possibilities, potential and opportunities. Our purpose fuelled solutions see the blind spots, add missing pieces and can elevate and accelerate your outcomes and results in the real world.

At Mission HQ our team becomes yours. We work equally well with solopreneurs as we do full teams. From start-up to scale-up. We have you covered.

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What s special about a Dojo

"A dojo is a miniature cosmos where we make contact with ourselves – our fears, anxieties, reactions, and habits. It is an arena of confined conflict where we confront an opponent who is not an opponent but rather a partner engaged in helping

us understand ourselves more fully." - Joe Hyams

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bushido code

We build Conscious Business on the foundations of the Code - Honour, Integrity, Honesty, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Loyalty & Self-control. Strength of character counts and is timeless. When people stand for something they will fight and do their best to uphold shared values, beliefs and missions. It unites people and gives them something solid to stand on. The longevity and success of every Mission is hugely dependent on its roots, its people and its innovative thinking, flexibility and evolution.

Halloween Alchemist
Sustainable Energy Concept

inner alchemy

The alchemists turned lead into gold, this is what we do with people. Working from the inside out with Individuals, Teams and Companies. Culture, Experience, Engagement and Results. The happier the individual the more creative and productive we are. Our solutions are holistic which means we look comprehensively around mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial with our bespoke set of inner alchemy teachings. We put the individual first and build their optimal performance schedules around their lifestyles, choices and preferences.

conscious business

The future is conscious and rapidly moving away from outdated traditional capitalist models into more people centred, planet focused and mission driven profits that can be used to make improvements across the world. We build, transform and transcend whatever you have now into a more future proofed impactful version. A conscious business can become a B-Corp and become part of a powerful new world of doing business and living with ethics, sustainability, values and care for all.

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Digital communication and virtual technology global network

creative media

When you care about the Mission, then there's even more reason to care about everything you put out there. Your brand matters, your creative expression of the Mission shares what your message and company is about. You want to connect with, engage and move your audience through an amazing digital experience that moves them into the right solutions for them. Creative media allows you to have thoughtful based strategy, unique brand positioning and a great UI/UX (user interface and or experience) throughout your online experience of web, social, film & video, digital assets and stories.

ethical marketing

One of the most important aspects of Mission success is how, why, where and when you plan to share your message, offers and solutions. Every conscious business needs to take seriously it's digital footprint, how well it's marketing efforts are being received and where to put more weight into the strategy. We design mission creative media and marketing around building campaigns that deliver on being different, emotive, impactful and yield those all important results.

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conscious dive

Understanding is an integral part of Mission Elevation and Acceleration. Not a surface level but a true understanding of the mission origins, objectives and outcomes. From the top down and bottom up, everyone has a voice, viewpoint and deserves to be heard, we make sure that everything aligns, is on the same vibe and emits the same tune.

what does your mission need

mission map™

A bespokely curated action plan that is not just a generic cookie cutter, it's an actionable mission strategy that we help you implement, integrate and ensure we hit all MPI's (mission performance insights). It's exceptionally important to us that you feel the wow factor is everything that we deliver to you, from brand to film, culture to offers. Each section is given the love, care and attention it deserves.

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Regardless of what segment we join you on your journey we bring our Black Belt A Game to it. We actively seek out blind spots, solve challenges and support people to bring their best selves forward. We champion creative solutions, systems and structures. Entwine cutting edge creative with the best experiential customer journey. We walk the talk and bring you the very best people, ideas and implementation. Ensuring your quantum leap catalysts the next stage of your mission growth and global impact.

360° experience

Understanding the trilogy of how conscious living, leadership and business come together is integrally important when looking at the goals, dreams and aspirations of the individual, group and mission.

We cannot have big impact without the income to support it. We cannot make a difference without putting profits back into helping more causes, charities and initiatives.

It's therefore why we base our primary foundations on Million Dollar Missions. It is not about about much money the owner / founder wants to make; it's how much it's going to take to run the kind of conscious business that makes the amount of impact you want to make will take.

We therefore always advocate big ideas, grand thinking and being audacious. It's then a case of starting at one point and moving incrementally forwards; honing the craft, being better and learning along the way.

client missions

so far..

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we've served entrepreneurs and counting


happiness guaranteed or we work until you are

100 M

total sales and impact from our clients and their missions

Build Your Mission with Powerful Inner Alchemy, Epic Conscious Business, Stunning Creative & Ethical Marketing that Builds Impact, Brings Fulfilment and Fuels Global Transformation


where do you want to go next?

dojo champions

Because of the work

I've done with The Quantum Dojo, I am now scaling and completely being in

Alignment both inside and out with it. I can now go out and do 10,000 people video event and have a greater impact.

Laura Stone


Fortune 50 Consultant

Annette’s work in The Quantum Dojo is very detailed, I love the approach and I like that you are pushing the service and philanthropy.

I found her book Every Day Book of Insights very inspiring, in places so simple but at the same time deeply profound. I really loved it.

Geoff Thompson

- BAFTA-winning writer,


spiritual teacher

& martial artist

Annette has helped me to get back on track! Running two businesses and looking after a young family is challenging and I

was often forgetting about ME! Annette is so much fun to work with and I look forward to our meetings. Thank you ❤

Cheryl White

- CEO & Franchise Consultant

I have been working with Annette for 4 years and I have done three programmes with her, gaining amazing results. The 121 time spent with me during the programmes have helped me so much. I have travelled through the most amazing transformation not only within my business, but my very self.

Until I recently looked back on my work with her, I hadn't realised how far I had come. But I have achieved most of my goals, and the ones I haven't reached I am on track and close to achieving.

My path changed several times during the journey, but I now feel I am on the right path with a full understanding of where I want to be. This is down to Annette’s guidance and amazing knowledge. You have achieved what no other person achieved successfully with me, and that's getting me to appreciate myself and getting me to take time doing things for myself, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I am now a much stronger person, I am not afraid to say no to work that doesn't pay my worth and I know exactly who I want to take with me on my journey.

I cannot recommend Annette’s programmes enough. If you are looking for change in yourself or your business, then I wouldn’t hesitate to get booked on fast because she is in such demand

and her programmes sell out fast.

I have worked with many mentors over the years and can honestly say Annette is worth every penny and more. I can highly recommend you and The Quantum Dojo for anyone wishing to make changes, anyone willing to accept responsibility to make those changes, and anyone willing to be open and honest not only to you, but themselves. Thank you again Annette, we have been brought together for a purpose and I know we will stay friends. Bless you.

Tracey Thomas

- Award Winning CEO

Yanis Petros

The Future of our children, our planet and our humanity lies in your hands.

The entrepreneurs, the leaders, the innovators, the creatives, the martial artists, the athletes, the speakers, the musicians, the authors, coaches, trainers, healers & transformational teachers, the mavericks and the change makers.

We love working with people who are driven by the same moral ethics as us on vegan/plant based, sustainability, social change, environmental, animal and human rights.

Everyone with a voice, a message and a mission to do something good, to add value, service and a deep need to create something beautiful, powerful and inspirational.

The time to do it, is now.

Let s get started
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